We don't need them...

  • We cut the prices of all our sausages and meats "to-the-bone" [sorry]
  • What you pay is less than what our quality and creativity are worth
  • All our products are excellent quality and ridiculous value
  • … and our sausages are unique, however…


Each week we vary, create and repeat our custom range of sausages… some recipes in greater numbers than others - check the number of kilograms before each entry on the Facebook posted "Sausage Board" (although it's not always there).


The best way to keep our customers, and those who should visit our two Butcheries, up-to-date with our sausages each week, is to visit our Facebook page for the next "Sausage Board" the boys and Marc are working from.

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* 4.9 stars out of 5

* more than 11,000 Likes

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