Meats and Smallgoods

Just as for Gourmet Sausages, Marc, JoAnn and the boys just love creating some very interesting and tasty meat and smallgoods packages.

Constant R&D

There is much experimentation at Edwards, and when researched, developed, tried, improved and tested ready for consumption, you - the Edwards' customer - benefit.

An example - Sous-vide cooking...

As Marc and JoAnn describe…

"We are "sous-vid-ing" a piece of bolar blade that has been seasoned with English mustard, garlic, and smoked pepper salt. If you are unaware of what sous-vide is, it is a French term which means, 'under vacuum' and describes food placed in a vacuum sealed pouch and cooked in a water oven.

Food cooks at a precise low temperature - typically 55 to 60 ˚C - and over a long period of time - usually 1 to 7 hours - to achieve succulent, superb tasting meals.

Sealing foods inside pouches allows it to cook in its own juices in addition to any marinades, seasoning etc you wish to add. Vitamins, minerals and juices are retained within the food as are the natural flavours.

This allows the food to be more tender, healthier and flavours intensified.

When shopping look out for a Sous-vide type cooker in your nearest electrical store! We have a Sunbeam one that is also a slow cooker.

With meat the price it is, this actually saves you money as you can use cheaper cuts."

There is more information about sous-vide cooking on Wikipedia.

Smoked Meats and Smallgoods

Our top quality lamb comes from Breakout River Meats of Cowra.

Ever tried a smoked lamb?

Marc smokes a few of these each year - so keep an eye out on Facebook for them.

We also do delicious and in-demand smoked chickens.

And of course… for Christmas you must get a very affordable Edwards smoked ham. Smoked on the premises, and oh-so-in-demand, you must get your order in well before the festive season.


Lamb Grenades for your enjoyment


Sous-vide a bolar blade…  more info above


Beef Barrels


Gourmet sausage roll


Edwards finest bacon


Spanish Meatloaf for four