Edwards... the FAMILY Butchery


... The Edwards family as butchers


The Edwards family have had butcher shops since 1925 - a fact that proudly appears on our logo.

Pictured is 2nd generation Edwards butcher Barry in 1942 at seven years of age.


With Marc as the current owner, Edwards Family Butchery started out in 1925 with  Grandfather Jack. Marc's father Barry then stepped into the business, followed by Marc in 1977, and then as apprentices his two sons, firstly Max and now Luke.


Mum JoAnn and all the Edwards boys pitch in at dinner time, and having talked-the-talk at the shops (as butchers do), walk-the-walk at home.

They frequently take their various inventions home for testing.

One such test was a Sunday night dinner of Blade Roast with English mustard and cracked pepper, then roasted with vegetables.


… and to a sad family story with a happy ending…


Marc had a pride and joy, his 1979 Holden 1 tonne ute. It was fully restored with a fridge box on the back, and sign writing he loved.

BUT… it came to grief at a roundabout. Marc was not happy. 

Unfortunately the old girl had to be retired - it was too costly to fix. However, Marc would still like to fix the idiot that came through the round-about so quickly and was uninsured - but unfortunately that can't happen!


THEN… after lot of deliberation Marc finally went out and bought another vehicle, so Edwards are prepared for anything now.

Marc has nicknamed it "The Beast".

It has the same fridge box on the back and sign-writing, so keep an eye out for it - it travels around the local roads a lot… and please… don't hit it!!