Our two store locations


Woy Woy

Shop 9 Peninsula Plaza - 4342 2372

Monday - Friday: 7am - 6pm

Saturday: 7am - 5pm

Sunday: 7am - 4pm



East Gosford

83 Victoria Ave - 4325 1926

Monday - Friday: 6.30am - 5.30pm

Saturday: 6.30am - 1pm

Sunday: CLOSED...

(... sorry we aren't open, come and see us tomorrow)



The Woy Woy Butchery

This butchery is found inside the Peninsula Plaza shopping centre in the "main Street" of Woy Woy.

Located at the southern end beside the Centre carpark, it is easy and convenient to get to, and push your trolley-load of custom-crafted sausages and meat out to your vehicle.

Being in a shopping centre, the hours are very favourable for your early morning or evening butcher shopping. With BWS across from Edwards, you are ready for a BBQ, dinner party or more.


The East Gosford Butchery & Smokehouse

We really needed to spread the joy of what Edwards Family Butchery has to offer to the "lower" Central Coast.

So… in June (2017) we opened our new Butchery at East Gosford.

It is well located in the "main street" of East Gosford, next to Vinnies and with plenty of Council parking behind the butchery (accessible from Gumtree Lane or Brougham Street), and  more spaces further north on Victoria Avenue.

... And again we are positioned very closely to a bottle shop - right next to "East Gosford Cellars".


Only the best lamb from Cowra for Edwards Family Butchery.


"The other day" Liesl Tesch popped into Edwards Family Butchery at Woy Woy to show the boys her 5th Olympic medal and her second Gold at the Paralympics.

She is a great lady and a real inspiration. Congratulations Liesl.